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The sealer simply covers the concrete surface with a water resistant barrier. “Surface prep is the unsung hero of any project,” says George Englis, training manager for the Consumer Division of Valspar Paint. fading; Easy cleanup with soap and water; One coat stain and sealer; 3 Year protection on decks and 4 years on fences and siding Ratings & Reviews  23 Aug 2018 To evaluate wood stains, CR test engineers apply two coats of stain to pine One year of testing tells you how a stain will look after one year on But the best semi-transparent stain in our ratings isn't as tough as As a group, the clear sealers tested earn Overall Scores ranging from 5 to 28 (out of 100). Test a small area to ensure acceptable appearance and penetration. Any oil or latex paint can be applied over it. With its highest quality wood finishes, Sikkens offers the best solution to protect and enhance the appearance of your deck. Do you want a sealer that holds up to sun and weathering for at least 2 to 3 years? Are you looking for nice wet look, gloss appearance that really brings out the colors in your pavers? For best performance it is important to understand how to seal pavers and why? I’ve been dealing with the question of how to seal pavers for the last 18 years. Protective sealer allows the natural look of the surface to come through. H&C Concrete Sealer Wet Look Water-based is a premium quality 100% clear acrylic sealer that will enhance and protect previously coated, bare concrete, and other masonry surfaces. Painted and the walls look horrible needs at least one more coat VALSPAR® WET LOOK HIGH GLOSS SEALER - ONE GALLON: Valspar Wet Look High Gloss Sealer waterproofs and enhances the color and design of aggregate, masonry, brick, slate and pavers with a glossy, wet-look sheen. What would be the best clear or satin top coat for a metal exterior garage door that I have painted with an exterior flat paint and then did a faux wood with Old Masters Gel Stain? the garage doors face south so exposed to sun and heat in Southern California. I would not recommend this of you want it to look like concrete Valspar Reviews and Complaints . Easy soap and water cleanup. ft. Available in one and five-gallon option, our colored concrete sealer is vapor permeable, yet reduces the penetration of fluids into the surface. A two part epoxy coating and laminating resin for use in marine and woodworking applications. Any ideas on a clear coat compatable with rustoleum? Id use theres but i'm using hvlp and they only sell it in spray cans. Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer Valspar 140. It drys with a frost coating the project surface. Clear Coat cures to a brilliantly clear, very tough finish without the usual "amine blush" associated with some epoxy resin films. Clear Deck Stains. Clear Coat contains no volatile solvents. 1. Used only in exterior projects, this solvent-based product is available in 60 tintable colors and 10 prepackaged colors. When applied, it will protect and maintain the color and detail without fading. Out of every kind of job I’ve done, I find that these ones are perfect for their intended uses. You must wait 8-12 hours in between coats. Valspar 19 L Wet Look High Gloss Sealer. Of the three clear exterior finishes, exterior oil is by far the simplest finish to apply. Finish each tile with a vertical stroke. High Gloss sheen enhances look of surface appearance for all wood and masonry surfaces. Price $12. Valspar wet look concrete sealer covers 200-400 sq ft per gallon and will be dry to the touch after two hours, allowing you to apply a second coat quickly; after applying the second coat, allow to harden overnight. Just allow ample drying time before your first coat of paint (15 minutes is normally good). Compare No Reviews. Also see scores for competitive products Enduro Water-Base Sanding Sealer is a clear undercoat with strong adhesion properties that forms an easily sandable foundation for your project. As the name suggests, clear stains for deck provide a clear coating that  Clear waterproofing sealer for driveways, sidewalks, pavers, and patios; Protects Exterior aggregate, concrete, brick, pavers, masonry, mortar and flagstone. Cabot qt Product Description. Get-Prices How many coats of solid color stain/sealer are recommended? Two coats are always recommended, applying the second coat perpendicular to the first coat. This is a 1-gallon can of KILZ Klear Multi-Surface Latex Transparent Primer, Sealer, and Binder. 436 Exterior Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer. 2. This water clear high gloss clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to perform in the toughest environments without yellowing, cracking or peeling. So most of the time, you can seal wood using the same finish you Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Stain is a one-coat, exterior wood stain for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces. Please tell me what you think about outdoor carpet over the entire deck. When used for exterior applications, maintain by lightly sanding and adding an additional coat(s) as conditions require. With dozens of reviews posted on Amazon, KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint has a solid 4. Adds no additional color but provides UV defense against fading. Need something with UV protection and durability. Sanded with 600 grit per base coat instructions 7. Sherwin-Williams is one of the top 3 coating and paint companies worldwide. Applying exterior wood stain to an entry door, porch deck, or railing is the decorative aspect of the finish. Clear. The pain dries to the touch in about two hours and is ready for a second coat in just six. KBS DiamondFinish clear coat is an incredibly tough and hard clear coat like no other! This water-clear, high-gloss clear coat remains permanently flexible and is able to perform extraordinary well, even in the harshest environments, without cracking, yellowing, or peeling. A pre-application color test is highly recommended for desired results. Regardless of the type of driveway that you have, you can always find a sealer that will provide you with the protection that you need. Thompson's Water Seal is one of the deck sealers used to protect against rot. Maintaining a beautiful deck isn’t hard if you take some precautions in the very beginning when the deck is built. PS101 Siliconate Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer. Valspar Clear Satin Sealer spray 0. filters for superior protection. Sprayed 5 coats Valspar 999 based coat mixed H&C® professional-quality Clear Concrete Sealer's provide a premium solution to seal, protect, and rejuvenate your concrete surfaces. Extra coats will result in a higher gloss. Being the only exterior water based product I like, and the price is right, you have to try it for yourself, it’s a great product. Durable Outdoor Finish Paint it Then Stain it - Stainable Wood Fiber Paint - Put a Fresh Coat of Wood on it  5 Aug 2019 Click Here to Skip the Review and See Our Favorite Deck Stain Ready Seal Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer. SDF is a one-coat system that offers complete protection and is easily maintainable. Thompsons Water Seal A21761 Natural wood sealer is the best deck sealer for convenience and durability. 5yrs ago that was painted by the homeowner with Valspar paint. Once cured the sealer worked great! We made sure to apply the sealer every few months and we waxed the concrete countertops weekly since they see a lot of use. VL1028069-16, VL1028070-20. ICA makes an exterior waterbased stain for exterior use. Tough, flexible clear primer film. Safe for indoor or exterior use. It comes in various types, including polyurethane, alkyd and conversion varnishes,” says Roy Suttles, general sales manager for McCloskey, a division of the Valspar Architectural Coatings Group. Eligible products only, please ensure to read the Terms & Conditions before purchase. A clear topical coating will not only make the hues more intense but will also protect the stain against wear and scratches. Cabot 140. The Valspar Cabinet Paint laid down great, I was very happy with the results. A high quality stone sealer needs to have a small molecular structure to penetrate deep into dense stone tiles. Ready Seal® is a professional-grade wood stain and sealer in one that is superior to other products when comparing the ease-of-application, maintenance, and beauty of the finished project. Because it is water based, it cleans up with just water and soap. Coverage. Kilz is a water-based latex primer and sealer. Valspar ® SeasonFlex™ Valspar ® Duramax ® Valspar ® SeasonPLUS™ Valspar ® Masonry Stucco & Brick; Valspar® Door and Trim Enamel; Valspar ® Storm Coat; Valspar ® Door and Trim Enamel; Valspar ® High Gloss Enamel; Valspar ® Duramax ® Elastomeric Exterior Masonry and Stucco Paint; Valspar ® Ultra 4000 Alykd Enamel Count on SuperPaint® Exterior Acrylic Latex to deliver outstanding performance and protect against the elements. After 24 hours, redefine the grout line with a grout pen. If you routinely apply sanding sealer before finishing, you may be taking an extra, unnecessary step. It offers easy maintenance with two to three years of protection from a one coat application. If you are still unsure which to get, the Rust-Oleum Gloss Clear Coat seems to be the best among the many options available. then apply 2 or 3 coats of dark walnut oil based wood stain (not mixed with sealer) . Its sheen is a dull flat-matte comparable to any other type of primer. Buy Valspar Brand 410-85058 SP 12 Oz Clear Gloss Premium Enamel Spray Paint - Pack of 6 at Walmart. A primer or sealer or a primer-sealer is essential when preparing new drywall for paint or wallpaper. I already thought about spraying the rattle can into my hvlp cup Valspar Reserve Interior Paint And Primer In One By admin October 16, 2014 – Posted in: Featured Products , Home , Reviews VALSPAR RESERVE- Valspar Reserve is the newest addition to Valspar’s paint product line, and is their flagship product. 18 Customer Reviews. Clear Exterior Waterproofing Sealant Olympic Maximum Clear Waterproofing Sealant is #1 rated three years in a row by a leading consumer magazine among clear wood sealer stains. Consumer Reports has honest ratings and reviews on paints from the unbiased experts you can trust. It is an exceptional finish for wood or over traditional marine varnish clear urethane and clear epoxy resins systems. DEFT ® Interior Clear Lacquer Sanding Sealer is specially formulated to precede the application of DEFT ® Interior Clear Brushing Lacquer. You require lots of coats for old decks . 4 (48 Valspar in Roselle, Illinois - One coat did not cover. Sealing a painted concrete floor is an important step because it adds an extra layer of protection on top of the painted surface. Then cover the floor for protection and finish out the construction. Our goal is for every customer you serve to be more-than-impressed with every paint job, every vehicle, every time—and for your shop to be consistently profitable. New or reconditioned wood decks, porches, outdoor furniture, steps, railings, fences and siding. Cover Coat Latex Flat Exterior House Paint. /gal. Valspar Clear Exterior Stain (Actual Net Contents: 640-fl oz) at Lowe's. Especially suited for new, unseasoned pressure-treated lumber. Correction from the video. Thompsons Waterseal 21806 6 Gallon Clear Wood Protector KILZ 2 Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Primer, Sealer & Stainblocker, Kool Seal UV Resistant Black Patch & Coat 1-Gal. Concrete sealer exterior - wet look high-gloss - water-based size =5 gallon Waterproofs and enhances the color and design of concrete, brick, masonry, slate and pavers. Choosing colour for your home can be an emotional decision, so to give you confidence, we created the Love Your Colour Guarantee. Clear-Seal protects against chemical spills and Normally, we don’t think of staining things as something to pay for. Raincoat® One Coat Clear Sealer formula is colorless which allows the wood’s original color and grain to show through while protecting the surface from water damage. Most exterior stains come in one of three different finishes: Clear Coat, Semi-Transparent and Opaque. They are designed to penetrate through the surface in order to bond, and leave behind a long-lasting durable high gloss finish on the surface. t natural clear transparent waterproofing exterior wood finish sealer flood deck reviews n. Gloss Sealer provides years of protection. Valspar's Clear Protector preserves and showcases the natural beauty of wood. Higher-actives formulas, easy application, and deeper penetration make the Ghostshield brand of concrete sealer one of the best concrete sealers on the market. . Some users report peeling and fading, as well as a reduction in water-repelling power, after about one or two years, despite the manufacturer's claim that it will last six years. Valspar Bonding Primer-Sealer is a one-step primer and sealer coat designed to work on problematic surfaces, both porous and glossy. There must be good reasons why this sealer is getting so good reviews and positive feedbacks from its previous users. The use of a clear sealer is required as a top coat for optimal performance. Use under any of General finishes retail or professional topcoats, providing a strong barrier coat for improved water and chemical resistance. Seal the deal on important projects with Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® Protective Clear Enamel. One minor drawback to this paint is the dry time. Durability: · WaterGuard® for Wood Waterproofing Sealant Clear Colors: Natural, Red Cedar, Mountain Cedar, Mahogany Blaze, Kona Brown. Can I Put Clear Varathane Over Latex Paint? Applying interior Varathane to an exterior surface will also cause the sealer to not coat properly, and it will wash This all in one concrete sealer and UV resistant semi-transparent color stain can be applied to any porous surface including concrete, masonry, and brick or concrete pavers. These are the paints you must get for a superior painting experience. The Flood CWF is a clear sealer that offers superior mildew and UV protection. Interior/Exterior Latex Porch and Floor Paint Enamel is a non-glare, very low sheen acrylic coating Prime all iron and steel with a rust inhibiting metal primer. A friend of mine has used this Sherwin Williams DeckScapes sealer with some good luck so I’m going to give it a shot. Valspar Pre-Tinted Clear Exterior Stain (Actual Net Contents: 128-fl oz) at Stain and sealer offers all-weather defense in just one coat Ratings & Reviews. Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain imparts a low gloss; for added protection and a rich, glossy finish, apply Valspar ® Wet Look High Gloss Sealer. The high solids content builds a fast film. 4 Most of those types of gliders have a clear finish on them when they are new. The H&C concrete floor sealer features a high solid content formula. Experts and contractors say that while price doesn't always correlate with quality -- some of the best exterior paints fall in the middle of the price range -- you should steer clear of bargain-priced paints as they don't weather as well as the premium products, even from the same brand. Krylon® Make It Last® Clear Sealer is rated 3. TuffCrete® Solvent Acrylic Concrete Waterproofing Sealer Apply in one coat as a stain or two coats as an opaque coating (Colors), High-Gloss (Clear One coat is recommended. Download and use for design of your work. Foundation Armor high gloss concrete sealers are made from the highest quality resins available. This review will be updated through the years. While your plywood floor may be on your home's interior, some of the best paints to use on it are actually made for your home's exterior. Use it to block stains, hide dark colors, prevent tannin bleed and penetrate and seal exterior wood. There are three basic clear finishes for outdoor furniture: exterior oil, exterior varnish, and an epoxy sealer with an exterior varnish topcoat. B-I-N®, developed in 1946, is the original shellac-based white-pigmented primer-sealer stain-killer. Oil based semi stain reviews collection of 20 free cliparts and images with a Valspar one coat. Any one looking for the best concrete sealer for their projects is better off with the PS101. Each five-gallon bucket can cover up to twenty-thousand square feet, giving you enough to easily coat your entire home’s exterior walls with at least one layer before you start laying down paint. All the products mentioned are great in their own way, all you have to do is choose the best one. H&C Concrete Interior/Exterior Dustproofer Floor Sealer, wet look If you intend to coat both interior and exterior concrete surfaces in your home, this is the best sealer for you. Raincoat Clear Oil-Based Water Repellent Sealer protects new or weathered wood from water damage caused by moisture absorption. 1% similar) Do not thin or apply to wet, or damp surfaces or areas prone to ponding water protect etching stain surfaces against Sunday uv rays, weather, and household chemicals. “Better prep leads to more durable results and you shouldn’t cut corners. While you may be able to cover up a light color with only one coat of Kilz 2, more intense stains will require multiple coats of Kilz. This must be followed by a protective sealant, such as spar urethane, to ensure that the wood is not damaged by the weather. 100% clear, oil finish reveals original wood color and allows wood to gray naturally. Covering between 200 and 400 square feet per gallon, this primer is exceedingly thick, making it difficult to handle, so use sparingly. Spar-Marine Varnish is recommended for use on exterior wood, fiberglass, coated metal, or painted surfaces. Uses: Decks, fences ELITE Advanced Stain + Sealant in One Semi-Transparent. Crackled Paint Product Review: Valspar Crackle Glaze a smooth coat of Valspar crackle glaze over each one. For example, clear stains allow the full grain of the wood to show throw, but they only last about 3-years before they need to be reapplied. Variety Paints 'N' More stocks the range of Valspar® Refinish is a market leader for premium-quality, low-cost automotive-refinish paints and coatings. This article reviews the top rated deck sealer products for application and treatment of pressure treated wood deck surfaces. See what sealer is the right one for your specific concrete application floor with a final clear coat of epoxy or polyurethane on top of it to encapsulate the The global coverage of Sherwin Williams paints and coatings. Once the drywall has gone up, the joints taped and the screws mudded, something is needed to create an even, solid surface over those different textures for a smooth coat of paint, and possibly to help blend in new drywall with an existing wall. This penetrating formula protects against the sun's powerful rays, damaging weather, water, petrol, and de-icing salts. Our review: Wolman 5 gal. Normally dries in 24 hours when applied at 50°F to 85°F. Use for sealing drywall, plaster, wood, galvanized, aluminum, architectural plastics, masonry and brick. The blue color is very discouraging. Less than a year later the cabinet had Valspar High Hiding Primer only needs one coat. Reinforce the performance of your interior and exterior finish coat with PPG Gripper Interior/Exterior Acrylic Primer with Sealer. Miles, if it's a clear, or semi-transparent stain, then use DEFY Stain Stripper, then rinse . One Coat Polyurethane is a crystal clear, protective topcoat that allows you to complete project 3X faster. Overview. This is a unique product that consists of an acrylic resin which penetrates the wood and bonds with the fibers. Coverage is about 100 sq. Valspar Reviews and Complaints . Did you know clear wood sealer best stain and deck reviews on exterior. While all three finishes are stain-resistant and long-lasting, our matte formula has the lowest level of sheen (0-4 at 85°) and is perfect for ceilings, bedrooms, and other rooms that don’t see as much foot traffic. Please describe your concrete sealing project But because concrete is so porous this product soaked right in and we needed to apply an additional coat in order to see water bead. Apply 1 coat for a hand rubbed sheen, multiple coats for a high gloss finish. Shop in-store and online at Canadian Tire. SHER-CLEAR is a single component, low VOC, UV resistant, acrylic clear coat. Read consumer reviews to see why people rate Sherwin-Williams Interior Paint (All Varieties) 3. I was looking, is there anyway to clear coat that? They used 3M scotchgard airlock wrap, I checked google and I found that "valspar clear sealer gloss" is good for interior and exterior for rain snow, etc We are committed to bringing professional grade exterior wood staining, sealing and cleaning products at reasonable prices with quick shipping. The product is made to be affordable and still If you have an exterior wood surface, for example, that’s rotted or in need of repair, you should repair it before you coat it. If the new color is very different than the old one, a second coat may need to be applied in order to hide the old color. Best prices on Valspar clear protective finish paint in Paint & Wall Covering Supplies online. The HO had done 2 coats and coverage wasn't well. If i apply one coat of semi transparent, will that give me the expected two to three years of uv protection? If a apply a clear Defy sealer for the final wet coat, would that make the wood more bright or lustrous or shiny? Valspar Solid Color Concrete Stain Review Concrete Sealer Reviews reviews concrete sealers based on strength, durability, price, quality and longevity. Soap and water cleanup and dries fast - ready to recoat in 1 hour. 0002101. Do not accept substitutes! Beware of paints that simply state "acrylic" paint on the label. One gallon covers 300-400 square feet. This transparent finish provides extra protection against rust, corrosion, tarnishing and chipping. After painting on top of this primer, you will not see the previous color. Following is a list of 10 manufacturers of 100 percent acrylic exterior house paints. They also provide an outstanding value as a one-coat finish for recoating previously semi-transparent-stained surfaces. All stone tiles and slabs should be sealed to protect them from becoming stained. Our baby's room is grey so we added silver. Valspar - One coat guarantee should say 4! RAIN GUARD Clear-Seal Acrylic Urethane High Gloss is RAIN GUARD Clear-Seal Acrylic Urethane High Gloss is an exceptionally tough water based single-component self-cross-linking clear sealer and finish coat for interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical concrete stone masonry and wood surfaces. All of them make a compatible primer. Valspar Porch and Floor Enamel. • Visit our BLOG page for unique applications of the Trojan Color Sealer. “Varnish is a generic term for a clear protective finish. Go for Two! Valspar exterior stain provides all-weather protection in one coat and is available as a clear finish as well as transparent, semi-transparent and solid color stains. However, you should take into account that this formula works better with certain types of woods, particularly porous ones. Paint Worth the Price? Valspar, Duron, Behr, and Ralph Lauren Review they tell you that you don’t need a clear coat. BETTER PRICE. Apply one thin coat with a high-quality brush, roller or paint pad or by spray equipment. 4-star What is a Tile Sealer? A sealer is a liquid coat applied to the porous surface of the tile or grout, to protect them from oxidation, natural deterioration and day-to-day wear. So unless you enjoy scraping paint, spend about $30 per gallon on a top-quality acrylic/latex exterior primer. If you need advice on What is the Best concrete Sealer for you, please ask below in the comment area. Many people use nothing but a coat of dewaxed shellac as a sanding sealer. With everything on the table, it becomes very clear that the Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Dark Walnut Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer offers a great balance between wood staining and sealing capabilities. Both of them act to seal concrete with a continuous coat. Valspar Etching Concrete Stain Sealer. Speaking of reviews, if you are a regular reader of the Furniture Connoisseur, you know we love to see and rely on actual real user reviews rather than just expert opinion. I got my trunk vinyl wrapped and I wanted a glossy vinyl wrap but the place put on a flat carbon fiber vinyl wrap for my trunk. It was founded in 1866 when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industrial economy with paint ingredients – a vision which would see the company open over 4800 stores globally in 150 years. This finish can also be used over stained surfaces that have thoroughly dried. Sher-Clear 1K - Acrylic Clear Coat. Valspar makes a solid line of paint products and we consider their premium collection the best exterior house paint for value. To start with, the PS101 is a penetrating sealer. Super Seal 30 Comes in Clear and Brown Tinted For example, Classic is a beautiful 3-coat penetrating stain system designed specifically for big timbers and logs that delivers outstanding performance and beauty even in moisture-rich environments. I live in OTC/LADCO states, what is my I scored a $600 dakota thats in great shape except the paint. Application ease and service life are the two major differences between these finishes. Hochstetler Wood Stain Test 3 years BETTER PROTECTION. The one-gallon sealer is able to cover around 250 to 400 sq. One coat will result in a high gloss sheen depending on porosity of brick. Using the right materials is a huge part of getting things done right the first time, and that’s why it’s important to consider what you’re trying to do before you purchase the best garage floor epoxy. Each coat also melts into the one below it, as opposed to some other finishes that layer atop one another. New Look, Same Great Formula! KILZ KLEAR® High Performance Sealer is a fast dry multi-surface clear primer developed to seal porous surfaces inside and outside your home. It does not have any plasticizers or other synthetics that give some finishes a characteristic artificial appearance. Colors which display on the screen and printed colors may not match the paint's actual color. Valspar Exterior Stains and wood prep. We have found that since Cabot was sold to Valspar, their quality has fallen for all their different types of deck stains. 007 VOC Quikrete Wet Look High Gloss Concrete Sealer at Amazon. Applying a glossy sealer to slate tiles and grout can be a tricky procedure. Woodguard exterior log. Varnishes can be water-based or oil-based. clear wood sealer qt furniture reviews with protection waterproofing for guitar body. marine wood sealer sealant exterior low gloss clear reviews flood deck. 007 Clear Wood Protector, Clear - 1 Gallon - Household by Valspar/Cabot Olympic Stain 56502 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer, 1 Gallon, Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews . The Sealer Store is for consumers who are searching for the best exterior wood stains, deck sealers, deck cleaners, and brick paver/concrete sealers. The Armor AR350 is a solvent based acrylic wet look sealer that is designed to seal, enhance, and protect a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. The odor-free, low-VOC formula means that you won’t be putting you or your pets in any danger while it dries, and you won’t need to worry about KILZ Sealer — Best Block Paver Sealer. Get ultimate hiding power indoors and out with Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® Cover-Stain® Oil-Base Primer. Read reviews on Home & Garden merchants and buy with confidence. Moisture Protection with a Glossy Finish. Painting a wood or concrete floor can be a complicated process that involves floor filler, sandpaper and several coats of paint; so once it's done, you don't want to have to redo it. Apply one coat of the paint working it into the grout line. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd resins and U. This means that it works by Learn about the BEHR MARQUEE® Interior Collection and find out what makes it the most advanced and most durable interior paint we've ever made. Ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, and hail all damage these surfaces. Spring heralds the arrival of weather warm enough for us to finally get outside and start undoing the damage winter has wrought on woodwork. Klass Kote Epoxy Primer Paint is a flexible and sand-able sealer, which provides superior resistance to moisture, corrosion, acid and rust . Many professionals will agree that Flood CWF is hands down the best deck sealer that is oil based. Valspar® One-Coat Exterior Sealer - Clear. If you decide to do more than one coat, apply a thin one first and allow it a couple of days to dry before you apply another thin layer. After you apply the sealer to one area move on and do not attempt to go back and redo any areas that have already been done. Valspar exterior stain provides all-weather protection in one coat and is available as a clear finish as well as transparent, semi-transparent and solid color stains. Our contractor proven solutions are ideal as a top coat for previously coated concrete, bare concrete, and other masonry surfaces while featuring superior adhesion, gloss retention, abrasion/chemical and UV resistance. From this guide, you have learned about the best clear coat for cars. / Best Deck Stains in 2019 – Guides and Reviews on Top Exterior Wood Stains Best Deck Stains in 2019 – Guides and Reviews on Top Exterior Wood Stains With warmer weather just around the corner, many of you are probably thinking about ways to improve your outdoor living spaces. Applying a good quality deck stain sealer will preserve and protect the wood and prevent you from having to replace the deck in a couple of years. 1-16 of 249 results for "valspar clear sealer" Oleum Crystal Clear Matt Spray Paint Protective Top Coat - 400ml Varnish All Purpose Interior Exterior Use Ready Seal® wood stain and sealer contains all the essential elements of a quality finish for exterior wood projects. Behr paints also contain mildecides. Valspar Clear Sealer is all-weather protection in a single coat that's rain-ready in just four hours. However, if you are expecting a miracle, one-coat solution to all of your finish woes, Kilz 2 and most other paint brands cannot supply this solution. Many exterior stains contain additives that make them hazardous for use in the you might consider using an exterior stain on your cabinets, but choose the right one. This convenient and simple-to-use formulation penetrates and fills the pores of the substrate with a premium-grade silicone sealer, and unlike waxes, silicone will impart a lasting repellency to any surface to which it is applied. **It is a myth that you can make acrylic sealer penetrate deeper into the concrete by diluting it with xylene. Ghostshield is a premium brand concrete sealer — featuring specialty water, oil and road salt resistant concrete sealers, densifiers and epoxy coatings. Use it alone or as a sealer on top of another coating. If the painted concrete floor is in an area that experiences heavy Valspar ® Interior-Exterior Bonding Primer is a high-quality latex primer specially designed for The directions said to wait a couple of hours and it had been 24. It provides color and gloss protection over newly applied industrial waterborne coatings and select solvent based coatings. Also available in a clear, with a gloss finish. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. FOUNDED ON OUR EXTERIOR PAINT PROMISE, VALSPAR® EXTERIOR SMOOTH MASONRY IS A SMOOTH EMULSION THAT SHIELDS MASONRY, AND OTHER POROUS EXTERIOR SURFACES, AGAINST THE EFFECTS OF HARSH WEATHER CONDITIONS AND IS RAIN-PROOF IN JUST 30 MINUTE. The penetration of water-based stains ranges from 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch. com B. That’s because the best exterior primer not only provides a stable foundation for the layers of paint which are applied after it’s been applied to the surface but also prepares the painted surface in numerous ways. Rated 1 out of 5 by Anonymous from Poor quality I bought a year ago , painted my deck , Pilled all paint Now I have to scrub down all pain and pain again. 8 out of 5. The toners are lightly pigmented and will improve the appearance of weathered wood as well as waterproof it, so they are slightly more durable than a clear sealer. High gloss colored concrete sealer solvent based single-component, 30% acrylic solids, 600 g/L, color sealer developed for SureCrete’s overlays or any cement based product. The sanding sealer serves as the base coat and is designed to seal and protect the surface. Deck sealer for pressure treated wood provides both stain and water-proofing to provide a perfect seal for exposed wood surfaces. Substitutions: Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01 60 00 Product Requirements. Stain the concrete and apply one coat of sealer. Lowes semi deck stain collection of 20 free cliparts and images with a transparent background. I had no choice in the matter of the paint brand or colour since it was my parents' house but I am the one that applied the paint onto the doors. Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry. Apply one coat for a mellow, hand-rubbed finish; apply additional coats to achieve a high-gloss wet look. and top coat and then also seal with a clear coat Seal-Once™ Eco-Friendly Marine Waterproofer for Wood is a green stain/sealer product formulated for exterior use on properly prepared, unsealed wood surfaces. Valspar Automotive takes pride in delivering the very best in color-matching technology, support and service. Visit Bizrate to find the best deals on top brands. Refreshing the finish on decks, fences, and siding tops the to-do list because without renewed protection against Mother Nature, wood will start to decay. For long lasting color, consider applying a single coat of clear sealer with a roller or pump-up sprayer over the tinted concrete sealer for more uniform wear on outdoor concrete. I don't use it because it's a pain to apply. See below for a comparison table of the best deck sealer and best deck stain and read our detailed reviews further down: Top 3 Best Deck Sealer & Best Deck Stain Thompsons Water Seal A21761 Natural Cedar Tinted Wood Protector Low VOC. ** DECK COATING REVIEWS OF SEALERS Sealers are usually clear in color and probably your best choice for raw wood due to there ease of use. A professional-grade concrete sealer is capable of penetrating deep into the porous nature of a substance. as a result the best floor paint for concrete floors that I would say is worth getting is one that most other “specialist” sites seem to ignore. Add to Cart. The Extreme Epoxy Formula is fortified with a new advanced bonding technology to provide superior adhesion and durability. It brought out the depth and color of the brick, and the neighbors are impressed too. Product will appear milky white during application, but will dry clear. Exterior Deck Finishes. Durable formula provides long-lasting decorative color while protecting from weather and household-chemical damage. 4L - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends 1. premium semi-transparent waterproofing stain & sealer (home depot) elite advanced stain + sealant in one semi-transparent You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer is a polyester-based sealer that waterproof a wide range of materials – concrete, blocks, bricks, pavers, and masonry. feet per five gallons. And one of the best ways to extend the life of your paint job is with a good primer. An advanced-technology silicone sealer that provides unsurpassed waterproofing protection to a multitude of surfaces. #1. Sherwin-Williams offers a clear waterborne sealing product and two lightly pigmented toners for decks — one waterborne and one oil-based — as part of their DeckScapes line. Resists gasoline, oil, and de-icing salts. Valspar Exterior Latex Enamel. NOTE: The product may appear slightly dark or purple in the can, but it dries clear. H&C ® Concrete Sealer Oil-Based Clear Gloss: a solvent-based product formulated with a silicone acrylic resin. guide to find the best interior and exterior paint paints hide with as little as one coat I painted this bedroom about 1. feet per gallon or 500 sq. com and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. DEFT ® Interior Clear Lacquer Sanding Sealer is ideal for stained or bare wood surfaces, including furniture High Gloss, Wet Look Concrete Sealers. When choosing your clear coat finish or colored stain, you'll have to decide on whether the coating should just penetrate the wood or be a little more protective by sitting Exterior paint takes a beating. It can be used on unfinished wood surfaces or previously finished surfaces. When it comes to exterior wood stains and sealants, the old saying "you get  Products 1 - 40 of 468 Buy products such as Glidden Redwood Stain Exterior 1-Gallon, VALSPAR CORPORATION See more colors . Deck Stain Sealer Reviews. In this driveway sealer review, we’ve come up with the 10 best driveway sealers after conducting vigorous research and testing different sealers. Cabot Solid stains have been around for 20+ years and used to be one of the top brands. V-SEAL Concrete Sealers have been offering premium concrete sealers to concrete professionals since 1988. Get one-coat coverage in any of 1,000 color options that resists stains, is easy-to-clean, and had a durable finish to last for years. On smooth surfaces Select a row below to filter reviews. You'll need a clear-coat if you're using a transparent stain, but that's true in light conditions and surrounding scenery, the colors that look good outside  The difference between penetrating sealers, decorative coating and durable coatings They are more frequently used in exterior applications to protect against the harsh sealers are resistant to water, chloride absorption and staining but clear . Looking for ZINSSER Interior/Exterior Binding Primer with 300 to 400 sq. Reduced Price Valspar Brand 1 Quart Clear Base ColorStyle Behr Premium Plus Ultra is the best exterior paint . DRYLOK® WetLook High Gloss Sealer is a clear, non-yellowing, water-base sealer formulated for use on horizontal and vertical masonry surfaces where a high gloss, wet look finish is desired. And thanks to its advanced acrylic resin technology, you’ll enjoy outstanding adhesion and color retention. Zinsser SealCoat, a pre-mixed 2 lb. It fades, so to slow it down I add some 844 colorant to my clear coat to act as a sunscreen - putting a couple of drops in your clear doesn't change the color that much. Dye stains don't work outside. Olympic® MAXIMUM® Stain + Sealant in One Solid is rated 4. A one part exterior brass lacquer should give two to four years of protection. It goes We offer a number of products which will keep your wood protected and looking great over the years. Shellac does not provide a completely clear finish, but has an amber tint that gives a mellow depth to the finish. Horizontal and vertical surfaces can both be protected by Gloss Sealer. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates. With performance guarantees and a wide colour choice, you can be sure you're using the best products to add colour to the outside of your home. Its high-gloss finish stands up Our range of exterior paints are founded on our Exterior Paint Promise which guarantees UV resistance, mould resistance and weathproof, long lasting formulas. Gloss Sealer. The following top 10 deck stains are rated from one to five stars, based on the Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish receives shining reviews across the board. 0051390. on my deck, just to have a poor experience with this One-Coat, Exterior Sealer Clear. It works great for sealing raw If you want low sheen, use High Performance Top Coat in Matte/Flat finish. If you want to add a layer of color, use General Finishes Glaze Effects straight from the can. Update 2019 on What is the Best Concrete Sealer? This article is one of our top articles related to concrete sealers and there has been over 3500 Comments and Questions on this article topic. Giving your Check out our assortment of floor paints and floor sealers, including driveway repair and driveway sealers. Lexington FenceCoat Acrylic Lacquer Fence Paint is a highly economical black acrylic lacquer formulated specifically for wood plank fences in the equine industry. This means that it works by You can use the sealer one hour after applying it. 00. guide to find the best interior and exterior paint paints hide with as little as one coat A tough Clear Coat that can be applied Direct To Metal or over other coatings. An exterior primer is as important as any of the top coats which go on after it. Produced by KILZ, you can choose from matte, semi-gloss, and eggshell paint. Some users of this product will find it helpful to use anti-slip powder to prevent dangerous falls while the sealer is drying. Helmsman® Spar Urethane is not recommended for large exterior surfaces where maintenance would be difficult, such as decks and siding. As is the case with other types of paint, each of these finishes have their unique benefits. Valspar Latex Porch and Floor Paint. Valspar Clear Sealer is all-weather protection in a single coat that. Over-applying the sealer will cause indentations and imperfections. It is formulated to seal, prime and block out stains on previously painted or new work. FINISH: Eggshell (very low sheen) on indoor concrete. Its deep penetration makes the seal permanent. I waited the full 12 and probably longer before adding a second coat. Resists gasoline, oil and de-icing salts. Valspar Natural Look Waterproofer forms a long lasting, waterproofing seal on concrete, brick, masonry, natural stone, and pavers. One coat of BM primer and it pretty much covered the whole thing, very little seepage. Formulated to protect surfaces against the sun's UV rays and damaging weather. Note: Super Seal 30 is not suggested for Clay Pavers. Your deck is exposed to a series of adverse elements. Find your nearest stockist. When submitting request for substitution, provide complete product data specified above under I have a clear oil painted wood plank siding in the front of my house, the wood is always sticky and we tried to paint it over with water based primer then a coat of color but the bubbles keep coming up especially in the afternoon when the sun heats up the new paint. Valspar Reviews Sort : Recent I was told because I asked specifically if it covered in one (1) coat, I was assured it did. Cold and frosty or hot and humid, this formula goes on smooth and resists fading and peeling. adv. High quality paints are heavy-bodied and have a high pigment content, reducing the possibility of color bleed-through and making it possible to paint over very different colors with only one coat. Apply by brush, roller, or sprayer. 9 out of 5 stars, based on 27 reviews 27 ratings. It doesn't add a texture to the wall so I can paint over it to update look and you won't be able to tell. Concrete sealer exterior - natural look water-based size =5 gallon Forms a waterproofing seal on concrete, brick, masonry, aggregate, natural stone and pavers. The Best Gloss Sealer on the market to provide you with that wet look. No primer needed on most woods. This whole-house primer-sealer is a favorite with professionals. When you click the link above, please compare the two WeatherSeal panels (found on the third page – 2nd row – 4th & 5th panel) to all the other stains. Valspar paint crystals - made in silver/gold glitter to add to any color paint. Typically speaking, sealers are used to protect unglazed tiles and grouts from absorbing stains. Once complete you can then uncover the floor, clean well, and apply the second coat of sealer. Seals and enhances the color and design of concrete stained with Valspar Etching Stains. I use Mohawk pig stain. 0001406. The Sherwin-Williams family of polyurethane topcoats is the complete finishing solution for your exterior applications. Stain resistant protection with low VOC, water based, non-toxic, no cancer causing formula, Gloss Sealer can help solve moisture problems with a clear gloss, protective coating. We appreciate your input. Also provides a mold- and mildew-resistant finish. If you want less color, add 5-10% Glaze Effects to High Performance Top Coat or about 1 ounce of Glaze to a pint or 2 ounces to a quart of Topcoat. Its advanced formulation provides the same level of durability in one coat the is comparable to three coats of a conventional polyurethane. This Plasti-Kote Clear Acrylic spray sealer allows changing sheen finishes to gloss, satin or matt after spraying a colour, whilst also providing additional protection against weather, heat, cold, acid, alkali, corrosion and water with its new sealer formula for enhanced and consistent coverage. We specialize in driveways, concrete floors and concr Armor AR350 Solvent Based Acrylic Wet Look Concrete Sealer and Paver Sealer (5 GAL). H&C ® Concrete Sealer Wet Look: a single-component, water-based acrylic sealer that dries to a durable, glossy finish. Valspar® One-Coat Exterior Sealer - Clear All-weather defense in one coat; Rain-ready in four hours; UV defense against fading Product Ratings toggle. After application of the sealer to the concrete, the water evaporates and the particles comprising the polymer begin gathering together. com Shop Valspar online at AceHardware. You may still see color pull through, but that’s because it is a sealer, not a pigmented paint. (4FZX3)? Grainger's got your back. Can be applied down to 35°F. It is very easy to use and to apply as well as to clean up. Olympic Waterproofing Sealant Exterior Maximum 1 qt Dries Clear Mildew Resistant Maximum 1-qt. Computer screens and printers vary in how colors are displayed. The one and only drawback of this product is that it doesn’t quite last forever, but if you can overlook this detail, you have a sealer that works on every surface with every applicator and applies a modest coat of sheen with fair protection on the side. Allow the sealer to cure with no traffic for a couple days, and then wearing socks only, apply the wax and allow to dry overnight. We used ten gallons of this. com. But you will have to re-coat more often with clear-finish deck sealers, because . LastiSeal Concrete Stain & Sealer waterproofs and beautifies concrete in one step with a choice of colors and safety superior to acid staining. When spraying or rolling, always back brush for best results. • One-coat protection Protección con una sola capa • Ultimate protection from water and sun damage Protección superior contra el daño del agua y el sol • Dries to the touch in two hours Seca al tacto en dos horas • Easy soap-and-water cleanup Limpieza fácil con agua y jabón • Easy to carry, open, pour, store and reclose. Judging by the labels on the cans of exterior-grade clear finishes at paint stores and home centers, the job of keeping wood looking good seems downright easy: Just brush one of these products on a mahogany entryway, a redwood deck, or cedar siding, and the wood will stay as fresh and bright as the day it was cut. Klass Kote Epoxy Primer Paint is a high-build, sealer / primer which will fill scores and surface imperfections while improving the adhesion and performance of topcoats. Our global color labs and tools allow us to match any OEM and/or custom color needs that you may have. The Sherwin-Williams Company 101 Prospect Avenue NW Cleveland, OH 44115 Tel: (800) 321-8194 www. Drying Time. Apply by brush, roller or spray in just one coat and clean up with soap and water. Rainguard brings you a high performance modified silicone acrylic water repellent clear sealer for all surfaces. Great for use on all interior surfaces & spot priming on exterior surfaces. Once you apply a single coat, recoating the surface becomes much easier, and you get guaranteed protection against stains and damage for over two years. Rated 2 out of 5 by JD28449 from Does NOT dry clear "Krylon Sealer clear" spray does NOT dry clear. The three way UV protection combined with high solids alkyd resin make Cetol SRD Semi-Transparent Stain another example of the advancements central to Sikkens Next Wave Technology. If you have any questions on the Behr Wet Look Sealer product, please ask below in our Q&A area. RECOMMENDED PRODUCT AND HOW-TO: H&C® COLORTOP™ Solvent-Based Solid Color Concrete Sealer Product Supplies Stiff broom Natural […] The only way to prevent damage and deterioration is to protect your surfaces with a good quality sealer. For use over semi-transparent stain or ba re concrete. You might want to recoat more often if your concrete The Best Stone Sealer for Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Slate, Granite And Other Stone Tiles And Slabs. It's important to recognize that the term "sanding sealer" means different things to different wood finishers. Clear, solvent-based sealer is non-yellowing and prevents the concrete from deteriorating which is caused by abrasion on the surface. $164. . It dries quickly Multi-Surface Waterproofers Waterproofing products that protect exterior wood, concrete, and brick/masonry surfaces. Compliant with VOHAPs and VOC regulations for the range of industry needs, these exterior polyurethane topcoats deliver uncompromising performance that maintains aesthetic appeal over time. Thompson's ® WaterSeal ® Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer types of clear coat If your ready to clear coat or apply stain to your wood trim, doors or furniture, you'll need to choose the appropriate finish for your intended project. 6 out of 5 by 7. Ensure that only a light coat of sealer is applied to the tile surface and there are no puddles of sealer left in the grout. If you use a clear coating designed for brass or copper, you should not need to acid etch to get proper adhesion. Behr Premium Plus Ultra is the best exterior paint . Valspar Semi-Solid Deck Stain . One Time Wood Sealer. The Sherwin Williams site recommends that I remove the old sealer with their Stain and Sealer remover (removes both latex and oil based sealers, Penofin is oil based) prior to applying the new sealer. Cabot Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Stains can be used on most types of smooth and rough exterior wood, including decks, siding, fences, log homes and roofs. V. Update 2019 for Behr Wet Look Sealer Review. It’s as simple as this, if you don't love your new Valspar colour, buy a second one and we’ll give you your money back. They have a how-to video that seems to show three coats. Valspar Coil and Extrusion Coatings; Valspar It did an adequate job but had to do a few coats as you could see spots of the old paint under the fresh new coat of the Valspar Interior/Exterior High Gloss Paint. A garden "pump-up" style sprayer is the simplest method. Peacock wall detail: Valspar paint crystals - put some in each color one at a time because you can't keep it. Like all exterior paints and stains, Olympic Maximum's semi-transparent deck receives a fair share of criticism from reviewers on retail sites. Truth is, any film-forming finish works as a "sealer" because it closes off the pores of the wood and lays a base for the topcoats. As such, it offers seven years of protection, more than any other wood protector. Valspar Clear Sealer waterproofs without adding. A sealer needs to be reapplied every year or two but most sealers are easy to spray on (with a garden sprayer) and won’t leave you with a lot of scraping prior to re-coating each year. for interior and exterior Clear Coat is an extremely low viscosity, water white, "penetrating" epoxy system. 080047241116 82079 Valspar Etching Stain Sealer Interior Exterior High Gloss New (36. TWP 200 Stain Case. Protect etching stain surfaces against sun, weather, and household chemicals. All you need to consider is the look you Paint the interior and exterior of your home with our selection of quality painting products. The S-40 has proven longevity, with one reviewer on the Home Depot site  One of the more common failures that you can experience is that the stain, . Also, if you need to recoat it, you can do so after just 4 hours. Its exceptional elasticity guarantees protection against cracking, flaking and peeling for up to 15 years. Only one light coat is necessary in most applications. To me it seemed that it had more water then paint and glue in it and would require multiple coats. LastiSeal® Concrete Stain & Sealer leaves behind a matte finish (flat) or a low-gloss finish (satin) on smoother surfaces. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Formulated to protect against the sun's UV rays, water, gasoline and de-icing salts. Clear deck stains are by far the most popular type since most people prefer to  Shop Exterior Stains top brands at Lowe's Canada online store. Kilz is not meant to be the ultimate finish coat. Valspar Porch and Floor Enamel, available at Lowe's, is an oil-based floor paint that will provide a hard, durable layer of color and protection for your plywood floor. depending on the nature of the surface and some few factors. Valspar Container Coatings; Valspar General Industrial Coatings; Valspar Industrial Maintenance Repair & Operations Coatings; Valspar Powder Coatings; Valspar Edge Coverage Powder Coatings; Valspar Extreme Flex Cure Powder Coatings; Inver Coatings; Wattyl Industrial Coatings; Coil Coatings. It is a single component, nationally compliant sealer that can be applied to both interior or exterior applications. This paint was recommended to me by Ace Hardware for an exterior Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Valspar 002. I sprayed it down with rustoleum primer and i'll be doing a topcoat rustoleum enamal next. Wolman RainCoat One Coat Clear Sealer is a clear water-based exterior water repellant designed to provide protection against water damage and mildew. sherwin-williams. Valspar paint can is lined to prevent corrosion. If you want an oil based deck sealer that will weather any storm, Flood Clear Wood is the best deck sealer for you. -Both cover well, luxurious thick color application, give a great matte finish (I do however think Valspar looks more “chalky” if that makes sense), low odor, and all around super easy to apply with forgiving application. Particularly effective for “same color painting”, KILZ KLEAR Primer will bond and seal porous and chalky surfaces with little change to current color. cut of crystal-clear dewaxed shellac, is one of the most lauded products in this category. As of 2019, we have found that the Behr Wet Look Sealer has shown major issues for Stamped Concrete, Brick Pavers, and other Decorative Concrete Surfaces. What is the best solid color sealer for driving surfaces? H&C Concrete Sealer Solid Color Solvent-Based Sealer will perform the best for vehicular traffic. 008 Cabot Semi-Solid Oil-Based Deck And Siding Stain If you're looking for the best semi-solid deck stain, this is definitely one to consider. In a sealer that’s water-based, the particles comprising the polymer are scattered in water. Free 2-day shipping. If you are painting with a significantly different colour, you may need to apply a second coat to make sure that it’s properly covered. There are very specific steps for staining and sealing exterior A clear protective coating for Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Translucent (623) and Semi Transparent (638) stains on deck surfaces; Provides a low-lustre finish over ARBORCOAT Semi Solid (639) Functions as an annual refresher coat for Benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Translucent (623) and Semi Transparent (638) stains We just shook the bottle a bit, poured it in the sprayer and gave the entry way one coat as directed. Look for “100 percent acrylic” on the label, and make sure the wood surface is clean, dry and dull (no sheen). Seal-Once™ Marine is a high-performance, toxin-free, water-based waterproofer and wood sealer that provides long-lasting protection to all wood surfaces. If puddling of product occurs, remove within 15 minutes by redistributing to dry areas or wiping off. However, the unassuming nature of a nice, glossy stain for your porch, patio or boat deck is a good way to preserve the surface while improving user traction and gaining aesthetic points to boot. Well-recognized among pros, PPG Gripper … is known as an all-purpose acrylic primer for use on a variety of hard-to-stick surfaces, including drywall, wood, masonry and previously painted metals. Krylon offers a complete line of spray paint products that deliver great color, durable finishes & amazing dry times to complete a wide range of spray painting projects. Coverage Clear, 1 qt. The film protects the concrete in much the same way that a raincoat protects its wearer. Application Temperature. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support. Check sealer reviews and ratings to know if a sealer can seep into the kind of surface you want to seal inside or outside your living space. We are here to help! Valspar Garage Floor Coating Kit is a water-based, two-component epoxy that provides a coating to protect and beautify garage floors. 102 Reviews. However, Redwood, Cedar, Cypress and other "bleeding" woods contain water soluble extractives which may cause discoloration of white and pastel colors; therefore prime the above type woods with one coat of a product such as BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® NO. What makes Gloss Sealer different? After etching and colorizing your concrete with Valspar Etching Concrete Stain, Valspar Etching Stain High Gloss Sealer completes the look, bringing out the vibrancy of the color and protecting it from sun, water and household-chemical damage. If you topcoat that with an exterior urethane lacquer, you should expect another one to three years of service. 70. comes in one-quart, one-gallon, and five-gallon sizes, Kilz is available pre-tinted in white, but it can be tinted to any color of your choice. 1 out of 5 by 272. This product dries to an extremely tough and durable semi-gloss finish that will not chalk, peel or rub off. valspar one coat exterior sealer clear reviews

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